There's a Better Way to Sell Your Home

Introducing '999 Sells'TM .

Times have changed. It no longer costs nearly as much as it used to to sell a home. With the development of Real Estate websites like,,, and, as well as a myriad of agent and brokerage websites, buyers can have access to virtually every home on the market on their computer.

The internet is providing an amazing service in helping buyers source  preferred homes on the market. And its doing so better than any other form of advertising in history - at a fraction of the cost.



Commissions are TOO HIGH  

The problem is that many in the Real Estate profession have not kept pace. They still charge 5%, 6%, sometimes even 7%, though there's no longer a compelling reason for these exorbitant fees in most cases. It's very unfair in today's technology driven world; and from a consumer perspective, it's also not smart.

With an agreed commission of 5% the listing brokerage receiving 2.5%, while the other 2.5% goes to the buyer's representative. With '999 Sells'TM  you pay just $999 for listing your home regardless of the sale price. Your total commission then is reduced by thousands to $999* plus just 2% of the sale price going to the buyer's representative. This translates to a savings of $11,000 on a home selling for $400,000, and $17,000 when selling for $600,000.

Think about it. This savings represents more money in your pocket - money you could use for a vacation, an education, or simply to sleep better at night knowing that you have this extra buffer in your bank account.  


It's Simply Sensible!  PRICE IT RIGHT!

There's another reason why our '999 Sells'TM  is BETTER

When you no longer need to cram 5% into the asking price, it's easier to set that price at an amount that is just right. We know that homes sell for a higher amount when they don't linger on the market too long. When buyer's perceive value, it creates an urgency that helps sellers sell quickly and for more money. With our 'Better Way to Sell'TM you not only pay a lower commission, you also help your home sell faster and for a higher price.


Now Consider This...

There's yet another reason why '999 Sells'TM is BETTER.

5% Real Estate Agents earn a sizable 2.5% the moment you list with them. That's a lot of money. So much money in fact that many devote themselves entirely to getting listings. Which means they hardly spend any time at all actually selling the listings they have. Rather, they rely on other salespeople to do the hard work for them. We call these people, Lazy Listers.

With '999 Sells'TM  we can't be lazy. We need to be efficient and effective to be profitable. So we're constantly honing our processes and fine tuning our skills to ensure the best possible results for you our client. This might seem like a small thing, but really its not.  We work hard...and we work smart. And its this combination that goes a long way to ensuring a stellar experience and positive result for you, our client. 


And Finally This...

But can '999 Sells'TM actually accomplish everything that you would expect from a full service brokerage?  The answer is, YES! We can definitely do it all, and at a fair price. 








'999 Sells'TM

IS THE 'Better Way to Sell'TM YOUR HOME!


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'A Better Way to Buy & Sell Real Estate'TM

call 800-258-2059 Ext. 1002 or fill out the form on this page.

* some conditions apply; not intended to solicit buyers and sellers already under contract.

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