A Real Estate Career With Home and Property

As a vibrant, growing company, we are now again on the lookout for talented people who will embody our vision and values. Striving to be inclusive of different age groups, backgrounds, and ethnicity, we are actively searching for individuals who will contribute positively toward a collaborative and mutually edifying environment.


Common denominators for success in real estate, would include such things as a commitment to excellence, hard work, integrity, and an ability to listen and be flexible. Add to that creativity in exercising or honing personal skills in the pursuit of your professional goals. Of course, success does not happen in a vacuum. Highly successful people can and do often point to the support of other people, including family members, and personal and professional mentors.


An integral part of our DNA at Home and Property Real Estate Ltd. is our commitment to individuals and each other on the team. We work hard at creating an environment that supports our team members and positions them for success in every respect. To that end we are constantly looking for improvements to the ways in which we as a brokerage can add value for our sales representatives and brokers.


Some of the benefits we offer to our sales team include...


          * Inside sales support

          * Buyer/Seller Leads

          * Marketing content & consulting

          * Sales Training 

          * Business Planning
          * Coaching
          * Mentoring

          * Administrative services

          * Agent referral incentives

          * Branch Management opportunities
          * No desk fees

          *and more...!


If you are considering a career in real estate, or are already a licenced Realtor looking for a change, we would welcome the opportunity to chat and consider together whether or not we would be a good fit for each other. Feel free to reach out to either one of our co-founders at the contact information below, or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to meeting you.


John Zwart - Broker of Record

Direct Phone: 519-496-5607  

Email: john.zwart@homeandproperty.ca


Devin Hulett - Sales Representative/Team Leader

Direct Phone: 519-404-3773

Email: devin.hulett@homeandproperty.ca

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