Centre Wellington - This Best Kept Secret

There is a beautiful tension in the hearts of those who have made Centre Wellington their home. It comes from a sense of belonging. A sense that takes turns at various points between humble gratitude and boisterous pride, between protective gloating and exultant celebration, between that fierce self-respect rooted in rich history and a watchful custodial care for what the future may bring. 


The beautiful tension in Centre Wellington is in some ways also derived from a long-standing competiveness between the township's three main communities of Belwood, Elora, and Fergus. Long time residents of these communities are quick to point out the advantages of their own, and by implication the disadvantages of the others.  Indeed, if not for the alphabet, even our ordering of these names here might be a bone of contention. In any case, the rivalry is mostly friendly and good natured, taking into account the historic, cultural, economic and geographically positive attributes of each.  


As its name implies, Centre Wellington is located more or less at the centre of Wellington County. In actual fact, it is a large notched rectangle in the middle of the county that stretches across its width from north east to south west. It is bordered along its north-western and western boundaries by the Wellington townships of Minto and Mapleton; along its north-eastern boundary by the Dufferin County township of Grand Valley; along the eastern and southeastern boundaries by the Wellington townships of Erin and Guelph/Eramosa; and along its southwestern boundary by Woolwich township in the Region of Waterloo.

Population and Demographics

As of January 2019 the population in Centre Wellington is listed as 29,595. This is an increase from the stated 2016 Canada Census population of 28,191, and the 2011 population of 26,693. These numbers show that the average year over year growth in Centre Wellington (and in particular, Fergus and Elora) has been trending higher at a little more than 1.5% per year.  


Of the current population the split between male and female is practically identical at 50/50.


There are 11,125 private residential dwelling units in Centre Wellington of which 74% are single detached homes, 4% are semi-detached, 16% are apartments, 4% are townhomes or row housing, and 2% are moveable homes. 82% of homes in Centre Wellington are owner occupied; 18% are tenant occupied.


Looking now at household marital status, 64% are married or in a common-law relationship, 22% are single, 8% are separated or divorced, and 6% are identified as 'other'.  


Looking at household family and children status, 29% are married/common law with children, 8% are single with children.


Centre Wellington's age distribution is as follows:


  • 0 - 9: 11%
  • 10 - 14: 6%
  • 15 - 19: 6%
  • 20 - 29: 12%
  • 30 - 44: 17%
  • 45 - 54: 15%
  • 55 - 64: 14%
  • 65 - 74: 10%
  • 75+:  8%

Centre Wellington Schools and Education

The majority of schools in Centre Wellington are under the direction of the Upper Grand District School Board or the Wellington Catholic District School Board. Parents of school aged children may also opt for one of several private schools in the township.  


Information about each school with phone numbers and other contact information is listed below:

Centre Wellington District High School
Address: 905 Scotland Street, Fergus ON. N1M 1Y7
Telephone: 519-843-2500
Email: CentreWellington.dhs@ugdsb.on.ca  
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/cwdhs  



Elora Public School
Address: 288 Mill Street East, Elora ON. N0B 1S0
Telephone: 519-846-5999
Email: elora.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/elora 


Elora Road Christian School
Address: 5696 Wellington Road 7, RR#5 Guelph ON. N1H 6J2
Telephone: 519-824-1890
Email: school@ercf.ca  
Website: www.eloraroad.ca 



Emmanuel Christian High School
Address: 680 Tower Street South, Fergus ON. N1M 0B1

Telephone: 226-383-7300
Email: office@echs.ca  
Website: www.echs.ca   



J.D. Hogarth Public School
Address: 360 Belsyde Avenue East, Fergus ON. N1M 1Z5
Telephone: 519-787-0151
Email: JDHogarth.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/jdh 



James McQueen Public School
Address: 365 St. George Street West, Fergus ON. N1M 1J4
Telephone: 519-843-1700
Email: JamesMcqueen.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/JamesMcQueen   


John Black Public School
Address: 150 Lamond Street, Fergus ON. N1M 2A1
Telephone: 519-843-2665
Email: JohnBlack.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/jblack 



Maranatha Christian School
Address: 8037 Wellington Road 19, Fergus ON. N1M 2W4
Telephone: 519-843-3029
Email: info@mcsfergus.ca 
Website: www.mcsfergus.ca 



Montessori School of Elora
Address: Elora Centre for the Arts, 75 Melville Street, Elora ON. N0B 1S0
Telephone: 519-846-5655
Email: montessorielora@sympatico.ca 
Website:  www.eloramontessori.ca 



Ponsonby Public School
Address: RR#5, 5923 Wellington Road 7, Guelph ON. N1H 6J2
Telephone: 519-824-9447

Email: Ponsonby.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/Ponsonby  


Salem Public School
Address: 23 Woolwich Street East, SS4, Elora ON. N0B 1S0
Telephone: 519-846-5363
Email: Salem.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/salem  



St. Joseph Catholic School

Address: 150 Strathallan Street, Fergus ON. N1M 1A1
Telephone: 519-843-3810 

Email:   todd.goodwin@wellingtoncdsb.ca  
Website: www.wellingtoncdsb.ca/school/stjosephfergus/Pages/default.aspx  



St. Mary Catholic School

Address: 251 Irvine Street, Elora ON. N)B 1S0
Telephone: 519-846-9921  

Email: andrea.welshdevlin@wellingtoncdsb.ca  
Website: www.wellingtoncdsb.ca/school/stmaryelora/Pages/default.aspx 



Victoria Terrace Public School

Address: 500 Victoria Terrace, Fergus ON. N1M 2G5
Telephone: 519-843-2720
Email: victoriaterrace.ps@ugdsb.on.ca 
Website: www.ugdsb.ca/VictoriaTerrace