Don't List Your Home - We'll Buy It . . . At Fair Market Value!

At Home and Property Real Estate we've got a Better Way to sell your home.  Forget the expense of preparing your property for sale, the hassle of listing it on the MLS, the interruption of buyers wanting to see it at inconvenient times, and the stress of not knowing when you can move.


No more worrying about how much it will sell for. No more wondering if you will have enough equity for your next home. And no more risk of failed conditions for financing, inspections, or sale of property.


At Home and Property Real Estate we make selling your home as easy as snapping your fingers. You give us some basic details about your property. We make arrangements with you to do an inspection. You ask us as many questions as you want any time during the process. We provide you with a detailed objective CMA - Comparative Market Analysis - and an offer to purchase. If you're happy with the offer you sign your acceptance of it while also selecting the closing date of your choosing anytime within 90 days.


If you decide you're not happy with the offer, no problem. We shake hands and walk away. There's no obligation and no cost to you for anything prior to actually signing the offer. And because we're Realtors, you have confidence in knowing that we are obliged to be completely transparent with you about our intentions for your property, and any information we may have that could impact your property's value. Not only that, but we're also motivated by a character ethic that is integral to our collective corporate  identity.  We want to do the best for you, because we know its right; and we also know its good business.



Our Pricing


                                                                    Sell to Home and Property             Traditional Sale

                                                                    Real Estate Ltd.


                                                                    7 – 10 % service fee                       7 – 10 % Total Costs Estimate

Offer Price (example)                               $500,000                                        $500,000


Selling Process

Number of days to close                          Your Choice                                  Depends on Buyer

Number of days to prepare home           Zero days                                       10 - 30 days

Number of showings                                 No showings                                   Anybody's guess


Transaction Costs

Estimated Service Fee*                             5.9 %                                               ___

Real Estate Fees*                                      ___                                                  4.5%

Seller Concessions*                                   ___                                                  2.5%

Home Ownership Overlap*                      ___                                                  0.5%

Repairs Needed to Sell Your Home        TBD                                                  TBD


Estimated Cash before Closing               $470,500                                         $462,500


*This is an example based on internal and industry data. Charges can vary for each property and brokerage.



This program is limited to urban markets in the areas serviced by Home and Property Real Estate Ltd. These markets include the Region of Waterloo, Wellington County, and the City of Hamilton. We reserve the right to refrain from making an offer on any property that does not meet our buying and re-sale criteria as determined soley by our team of experts.  Properties will not be considered if they are priced above $600,000. Types of properties considered include single detached homes, semi-detached homes, townhomes, and residential condominiums.  Primary factors that will influence the submission of an offer are location, condition and age of the home, as well as any unique attributes that may affect its future saleability. In the case of a condominium unit any information provided in a current condomnium status certificate will also have a direct bearing on the offer.  Offers submitted under this program will be at fair market value as determined by a detailed written Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) minus costs normally associated with the sale of a home and as detailed in the offer submission. A significant cost savings for commission (subject to certain conditions) is also available to those sellers who use Home and Property Real Estate as their agent in the purchase of their next home.