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The real estate landscape in Canada is changing. It used to be that information about recently sold properties was the exclusive domain of real estate professionals. With a recent court ruling in favour of the federal Competition Tribunal (against the Toronto Real Estate Board) however, this information can now be made available on-line.


We at Home and Property Real Estate Ltd. feel like this is a great development that should have happened long ago. For that reason alone, we're excited to role out this page, giving you FOR THE FIRST TIME full access to the information you want and need...


...because, of course, knowing what homes have sold for in your neighbourhood, area, town or city, and how active listings are priced, is critically important when deciding to put your home on the market. We all know it! There is a sweet spot in terms of pricing for every property. If you miss that sweet spot, by setting the mark either too high or too low, you'll miss out on the best opportunities to sell for the highest amount in the least amount of time.  This can quite literally cost you thousands of dollars.

There is an intuitive aspect to it all as well. And intuition takes time to develop. So it's important to have the necessary information weeks before you put it into use, before you put your home up for sale.

To receive a detailed list of all recent home sales and all active listings anywhere in the region of Waterloo, Wellington County, Hamilton, or nearby adjacent areas, just fill out the form on this page. You need only fill in the boxes that are highlighted with a red asterisk; but please don't hesitate to provide additional information as well. Our objective here is to serve you unconditionally. And the more information you provide, the better we can help.