Real Estate Attorney


Do you need a lawyer for your real estate closing?


Having a knowledgeable and competent Real Estate Attorney is integral to the success of a transaction.  The buying or selling of real estate involves large sums of money, and is likely the largest financial exchange many of us ever make.  Legal representation is a small price to pay for this additional fiduciary oversite. ​


In any transaction there are risks to be aware of.  Many of them are obvious, but there may also be some that lurk in the shadows.  As with Realtor representation, valuable legal representation is defined by the commitment and competence of those entrusted with its responsibility.  A good attorney will provide you with client protection on a variety of fronts, including:

  • Protection from unscrupulous ethical behaviour by others involved in the transaction. 

  • Review of standard and unique contract provisions.

  • Direction regarding inspection rights and obligations.

  • Negotiating deficiency/repair credits.

  • General fiduciary oversight. 


While many may already have a good working relationship with a trusted attorney, we at 'Home and Property' feel it is also incumbent on us as your Realtor representative to provide superior service when offering advice on this important aspect of the Real Estate Transaction. 


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