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If you want to know the future, first look to the past.

Here's a quick review of more than a century in real estate - setting the table for a transformation that is already well underway.

There's a Shift Happening in Our Economy...

… a transformation in consumer behaviour. It affects the retail sector, travel, investments, and much more... even real estate.

A Lesson in Value as Exemplified by my Opa

Can you define the essential value in what you do? In our current technologically oriented, fast paced environment, it is worth thinking about your own answer to this important question.

More About Aptitude As It Relates To Our Work

Why Do We Do What We Do?

What Are the Trends in Your Real Estate Journey?

There are trends that happen in real estate on a societal level, and also on a family level. Ask and learn what these trends might be for you personally.

Waterloo-Wellington Real Estate Prognosis for 2019

Looking ahead to the Real Estate market in 2019, here are some thoughts to ponder. January 2019

My First Real Estate Video